Emotion-Enhanced Evolution

Emotional Motivations are Incredibly Powerful and Often Ignored 


We’re all about emotion-enhanced evolution to strengthen your connections with people and improve the ROI of your efforts.

Limbic Sparks™ Happen When Your Audience is Emotionally Motivated By What You’re All About


Let’s fuel your evolution with Limbic Sparks!

We’ll Help You Focus, Expand & Connect to Evolve and Grow


Limbic for Leaders

• Company Mission Articulation
• Business Evolution & Growth Plans
• Offering Expansion Roadmaps
• Client Relationship Strengthening
• Leadership Team Alignment
• Executive Coaching


Limbic for Brands

• Brand Strategy
• Brand Identity & Expression
• Start-Up Brand Launch Playbook
• Customer Insights & Emotional Drivers
• Customer Experience Enhancement
• Limbic Sparks™ Research

All with a distinct focus on emotional motivations to create Limbic Sparks and more desire for what you’re all about.

Working Together

There are a variety of ways that our Limbic approaches can support your efforts.


Evolution & Growth Leadership Advisor


Limbic Brand Evolution Support & Team Extension


Limbic Sparks™ Ideation Sessions & Team Training

“Kevin is an amazing brand development and architecture strategist. I had the great opportunity to work with him on the Univision brand and the strategy still stands the test of time! Limbic will be of great service to marketers and brand managers!”
— Ruth Gaviria, Formerly CMO, Entercom & EVP Corporate Marketing, Univision
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kevin extensively over 8 years. He provided sage strategic counsel to me and many other senior leaders at AT&T, to help envision and scale new ideas that moved the needle for the brand.”
— Gregg Heard, Design Officer, 3M (formerly VP Brand Design, AT&T)

Everything we do is
designed to create Limbic Sparks™ to help you more successfully connect with the people you want to reach.

Kevin Perlmutter, Chief Strategist & Founder

Here’s what I’m all about…

Brand Strategist • Business Architect • Experience Innovator • Leadership Advisor • Emotion Centric • Incredibly Curious • Research Savvy • Dot Connector • Simplifier of Complexity • Growth Driver

It all starts with a conversation.

“Kevin is an uncommon executive who brings tremendous value to the businesses and brands with which he works. He is equal parts leader, strategic thinker and driver of change. No one works harder or more tirelessly to meet an objective in a spirit of collaboration.”
— Joel Beckerman, Founder, Man Made Music