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I’m most motivated when creating new possibilities for brands, companies and leaders. It’s why I started Limbic!

Kevin Perlmutter

Chief Strategist & Founder

Brand Strategist • Business Architect • Experience Innovator • Leadership Advisor • Emotion Centric • Incredibly Curious • Research Savvy • Dot Connector • Simplifier of Complexity • Growth Driver

My Evolution Story…

I believe that if you're standing still, you're falling behind. For over 20 years, I’ve been about evolution. I’ve helped some of the biggest and most reputable brands evolve. I’ve evolved the companies that I’ve worked for by being a driver of business planning, offering expansion and revenue growth. I’ve taken deliberate steps to evolve my career so that I’m always inspired and challenged. And I’ve helped leaders and colleagues with their own evolutions.

Further, I am fascinated by the science of emotion, and I'm a believer in its well-documented power. I created an award-winning neuroscience-based research capability that resulted in more effective client solutions and new published statistics proving the high correlation between subconscious emotion and conscious desire. A core strength of mine is understanding what makes people tick and creating stronger emotional connections between what they are all about and the people they want to reach.

Now, I’m pulling together all that motivates me, all that I’m about, into Limbic. I love to help brands and leaders envision new possibilities for growth and loyalty. Tapping into emotional motivations to improve ROI is at the heart of what we’re all about.

Let’s inspire your evolution!

Brands I’ve Helped Evolve

“Kevin is one of those rare lateral-thinkers and true innovators who actually gets things done. We’ve collaborated to change the way marketers think about the intersection of emotion and experience. We succeeded because of Kevin’s vision, his fundamental grasp of the art and science of emotion.”
— Joe Sauer, SVP Research Operations, Sentient Decision Science
“Kevin was probably the most authentic presenter at the conference. What I loved about him was that he wasn’t just marketing his wares, he was genuinely enthusiastic about how people hearing his presentation could actually go forth, think about and apply these new concepts.”
— Susanna Camp, Editor In Chief, Smartup.life The Innovation Hub

Where I’ve Honed My Craft  

Our Thinking


Evolutions I’ve Led

Stimulated growth for companies where I’ve worked by evolving positioning, offerings, capabilities innovation and business plans.

Created 2018’s “most innovative” award-winning neuroscience-based research capability.

Proved the value for brands to strengthen emotional appeal and the high correlation between subconscious emotion and conscious desire.

Led many complex client relationships and created programs to help others strengthen client relationships.

Launched new practice areas for companies where I’ve worked including customer experience, research, health & wellness, innovation and ventures.

Stewarded many brand evolutions for clients including creation of brand strategy, visual/verbal/sonic identity, CX/UX/UI design, brand/product naming, portfolio architecture, customer experience, employee engagement, communications, brand management and award-winning campaigns.

Frequent author, speaker, work session facilitator and guest lecturer.