Why Limbic?


We understand the significant impact that emotion has on desire and behavior. We apply these insights to our work, which creates more effective outcomes for you.


A vast opportunity exists for brands and leaders to improve effectiveness by connecting with their audiences at an emotional level.

- Kevin Perlmutter, Chief Strategist & Founder

We help brands & leaders evolve and grow more effectively by tapping into emotional motivations - to create what we call Limbic Sparks™.

We Solve Everyday Evolution Challenges More Effectively


“Emotion holds the key - across every industry - to achieving customer experience differentiation. Brands that want to break away from the pack should focus on emotion.”

- 2019 Forrester Customer Experience Report

Limbic for Brands - Hire us when you want to…

• Evolve your brand strategy to be more emotionally compelling
• Discover the emotional motivations and drivers of your audience
• Bring an emotion-enhanced approach to an ideation work session
• Create more emotionally engaging brand expression and experiences
• Develop desirable product or service ideas that increase loyalty
• Improve the ROI of your brand evolution efforts


“The only consistent trait about leaders is that they have followers. People who are inspired emotionally to have confidence in the company’s future and their own.”

- “Nine Lies About Work”, Buckingham & Goodall

Limbic for Leaders - Hire us when you want to…

• Define or activate your vision for growth
• Emotionally inspire your employees around a shared purpose
• Strengthen and deepen relationships with your clients or customers
• Expand your offering and stay ahead of the competition
• Create long-term business growth and evolution plans
• Train your team in emotion-enhanced methods

“Kevin is an inspirational leader with whom I partnered in the creation of an award-winning neuroscience-based research capability. Kevin understands and appreciates the science of emotion and meaning, its impact on human behavior and how to apply these insights successfully to strategy and experience design.”
— Cyrus McCandless, PhD - VP, Scientific Discovery & Innovation, Sentient Decision Science
“I’ve worked with Kevin for a number of years and over a wide variety of immensely complex projects. He continues to amaze me in his ability to create focus, and to boil down learnings and tasks to the real essentials. Kevin is a great collaborator, an acute listener and a tremendous asset to any work he touches.”
— Joel Douek, Composer & Creative Director, EccoVR & One Track Music

Working Together

Everything we do is custom-designed to help you more successfully connect with the people you want to reach. There are a variety of ways we can help.


Evolution & Growth Leadership Advisor

We help you evaluate what’s next or how to evolve. Through inquisitive and provocative 1x1 conversations, Kevin will work with you on any leadership evolution challenge from vision activation to business transformation and growth, from employee engagement to personal brand development.


Limbic Brand Evolution Support & Team Extension

We bring emotion-enhanced Limbic approaches to all kinds of brand and leadership evolution challenges. We’re happy to be tasked with a specific project or to be an on-call extension of your team. Regardless, our unique perspective is designed to improve the ROI of your efforts.


Limbic Sparks™ Ideation Sessions & Team Training

We conduct a variety of work sessions and trainings to bring our distinct emotion-enhanced perspective into your work or event. We’ll expand ideation and help you become better at tapping into emotion to motivate your audience and increase desire for what you’re all about.

It all starts with a conversation.

Let’s Create Limbic Sparks!


Limbic Sparks™ happen when your audience is emotionally motivated by what you're all about.