Embracing the Power of Emotion in Experience Design

Emotions are one of the most powerful forces in our psyche. Despite a wealth of evidence around how much emotion affects peoples' experiences and impacts business performance, most brand strategies and experiences are not designed with emotion in mind. This article shares approaches to bring emotion-centric thinking into design.

How to Design Your Dream Job

What’s the best job ever? Well, that’s up to you. It’s not defined by an industry, a skill type, a title or a wage. It could be about working for a company or starting your own business. The best job ever is about you thriving in the perfect environment for you. This article shares 5 principles I rely on to evolve my career and always be in my dream job.

Disrupting Competitive Threats to the Business

This interview was originally published by Innovation Enterprise prior to Kevin’s presentation at the Chief Innovation Officer Summit. It shares why it is so important for businesses to truly understand what they are all about, what their audiences desire, and why purposeful evolution is so important to stay ahead of the competition.

How Nissan Electric Vehicles Get Their Sound

This Fast Company video is a feature on the making of the sound for Nissan Electric Vehicles at Man Made Music. Kevin discusses the importance of creating a sound that has high emotional appeal, represents the brand personality and instinctively communicates vehicle presence for pedestrian safety.

No Brand is Safe in the Age of Disruption

This Branding Mag article covered the AMA “Age of Disruption” panel. Kevin’s was on the panel and quoted saying: “Disruption is not about noise, it’s actually about connecting in an emotional way with people, which is very hard to do as you have to think about how people make decisions when intercepting your communications.”